Back in March 2018, the real-estate developer Imkan and renowned Heatherwick Studio partenered over the design of a boutique hotel development in Abu Dhabi. The project was to be presented at Cityscape 2018 in an immersive booth. The star of the show was the incredible 1:15 model of the development project and its digital surroundings.

I was tasked with the creation of the entire animation that would play on all five panels of the immense immersive booth. The goal was to recreate the Abu Dhabi skyline and surroundings in CGI, this in order to offer a beautiful and immersive environment for the gigantic 1:15 model of the development.

In a very tight timeframe of one month, I single-handedly created the virtual environment and produced a five minutes day-night cycle animation, while maintaining production costs low. In order to make the project happen, I came up with innovative processes, such as using a real-time 3D engine to produce the graphics and the animation instead of a classic precalculated CGI workflow which would have taken way more time. The animation contains complex sky and ocean simulations, along with the realistic representation of the Abu Dhabi skyline and the simulation of hundreds of trees and birds, all of it recorded in real-time in Unreal Engine

In the end, this project was for me the most complex and technical project I have ever worked on. It also turned on to be the most rewarding achievement of my career, considering the technical challenges overcomed, the very short timeframe and the amplitude of the overall project.