In the frame of our VR-related Master’s Degree, Quentin Moreau and I conceived a virtual reality experience that takes place in an dreamlike world inspired from Jules Vernes's famous stories. The experience was to be showcased at the Digital Week in Nantes. We decided to picture Nantes itself as a luxurious hovering-city amongst the clouds, up in the sky. The user is an explorer travelling around the city with a steampunk-like hot air balloon. Over the course of one week, around 900 persons tried the experience and most of the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Overall, it was a unique chance to show our work to a wide audience and introduce people to the virtual reality technology.

I designed a large part of the concept and the 3D world. The project was first to be displayed in a Cave environment but I also ported the application on Oculus DK2 in order to showcase the project in a diffrent type of immersive device. Eventually, I shot and edited a video that summed up the event.